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What are the Industries we serve?

 Here at Ordinal we take app engineering very seriously. From the countless hours spent on architecture design, down to the very details of line by line scrutiny of every piece of code. We are enthusiastically passionate about the creative process and the engineering journey it takes to bring to live the perfect app for you and your business.


A great idea requires exceptional competencies from multiple disciplines in order to Reach New Heights!. We believe in collaborative approach so tech founders supplement their IT needs from idealization and throughout execution to go-live.


Running a software company is never an easy task. Even the best people cannot do it all. We provide all the software platforms to improve your business


Education is getting smarter with the influence of technology. Every passing day we came across another new technology. Every industry now trying to reduce their manual work and are upgrading to automated ones we are committed to serve automated services to reduce complexities in the education Industry 


We help travel, land and air clients provide technology solutions; and support to help them move people forward. From cloud applications to mobile apps and managed services, we do it all. Using technology to bridge the distance between convenience and your end users.


How well do you know you customers? How you having a hard to targeting the right audience. We help retailers craft valuable digital presences to help create and reinforce their unique value propositions.


From architectural firms to property management companies; we provide much needed tech support and innovation to the real estate sector. By streaming lining asset management, tenant management and service request management. We help make the most difficult task simple to manage.

Ordinal is the junction point, where creativity and intelligence meets with technology