Ordinal Careers Team offer depth training in front-end and back-end technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React JS, NodeJS, MongoDB and many more thereby making you an expert full stack developer. This training program contains interactive learning, industry-based case study, skills specific platform training. Our training program suitable for college students, fresher and professionals who need to improve their position. We will have define curriculum for your training after the initial consultation with our experts. We offer free training for selected candidates . Candidates will be selected for this session based on interview , Some of our core topics listed below,

In the world of information technology, there are plenty of requirements for web developer, PHP developer, React JS Developer, Node JS Developer, Mobile App Developer, UI/UX Designer, Front End Developer, and Back End Developer.

Full Stack Training Includes

· Full Stack Development an Overview

· Environment Setup (Linux, Apache, NVM)

· Development Tools (Git, VisualCode)

· Command Line Interfaces

· Virtual Machines

· Software Package Manager (npm)

· Front End Technologies (React JS +Redux)

· Back End Technologies (Node JS + Sequelize)

· Databases (MySQL)